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Kazakhstan, EU Close to Completing Talks on New Partnership and Cooperation Agreement
2014 09 16
Senior officials and diplomats from Kazakhstan and the European Union held what is expected to be the final round of negotiations on a new enhanced Partnership and Cooperation Agreement (PCA) between Kazakhstan and the EU in Astana from Sept. 9-12. More
Kazakh president: Europe and Asia to suffer from tightening of sanctions
2014 09 16
"Kazakhstan is interested in strengthening of the mutually beneficial trade and economic relations within the Customs Union, as well as Ukraine and the European Union. We are ready to discuss the ways of normalization of multilateral trade relations," said the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev. More
2014 09 11
Infochart about ABIPA shipments, transit time, and shipments type to Kazakhstan. More
Decisive Year for Kazakhstan’s Eurasian Hub Ambitions
2014 09 11
One priority for Kazakhstan this year is to execute the country’s first comprehensive transportation infrastructure development plan, which the government drafted in collaboration with the World Bank and adopted last November (, November 16, 2013). The plan, which extends to 2020, aims to realize Kazakhstan’s ambitions to become a key transit hub for Eurasia and beyond. More
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