АBIPA staff visiting the new cargo terminal of Moscow Cargo LLC

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АBIPA staff visiting the new cargo terminal of Moscow Cargo LLC


New terminal of Moscow Cargo LLC forming part of the large-scale program of Sheremetyevo International Airport development and modernization will ensure smooth ground handling services with the operations started in the 3rd quarter of 2017.

Within the framework of the visit, ABIPA team was introduced with the new terminal capacities and services to be offered for the clients planning to handle their cargo via Sheremetyevo International Airport.

The new terminal will offer:

-       the total storage area of 47,000 sq. m and the terminal located on two floors with inspection areas on each;

-       handling capacities of 380,000 tons of cargo per year;

-       standard and non-standard cargo to be accommodated;

-       fully automated cargo handling systems;

-       special dock levers for the large-sized cargo reloading/unloading;

-       special warehouses for temperature-sensitive cargo;

-       comfortable customer service area.

All equipment manufactured by German Lödige Systems GmbH


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