Successful Project Implementation as the Outcome of Coherent Cooperation

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Successful Project Implementation as the Outcome of Coherent Cooperation


ABIPA Logistics is an international freight forwarding company with a decade of experience in the freight forwarding sector. We aim at offering high quality solutions to our clients in provision of freight forwarding, customs clearance, and warehousing services focusing on the long term business partnership. On the occasion of its tenth anniversary the Company would like to highlight and welcome successful examples of cooperation and partnership.

Amongst our clients is the international provider of integrated maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) for rotorcraft aviation Helisota being our partner for a number of years and using the services of transportation for its regular as well as over-sized freight, with the most of such services being the deliveries of helicopters from the places of operation all around the world to the MRO site and back to the place of operation.

In 2017 the company, jointly with Helisota, has implemented several projects of helicopter transportation with further projects yet planned ahead. One of the more unique over-sized freight forwarding projects was transportation of the freight from Kathmandu (Nepal), located at 1,400 m above sea level, to Helisota Service Center in Kaunas. Overcoming almost 1,000 km of the complicated routes over the mountains up to Calcutta (India), the freight has been loaded onto the vessel to Klaipeda Seaport, and finally has reached Kaunas using the land transport.

‘In maintenance business of helicopters, the aircraft transportation is a major stage of whole project. It may even happen that a client shall select another service company if the previous one failed to arrange fast, convenient and, above all, safe way of transportation of their aircrafts.

The project of helicopter delivery from Nepal to Lithuania was one of those success stories when the client has selected our MRO facility for the ability to use integrated solutions during the transportation of helicopter through challenging route. For these type of services, it is essential to have a freight forwarder capable of using a wide range of partner’s expertise from all over the world and overcoming the most complicated situations, such as delivery of helicopter over the mountains and ravines of Nepal.

We appreciate the professionalism of ABIPA Logistics wishing them every success in all their future projects as well as success with the upcoming transportation of our client’s helicopter back to Nepal in the same smooth way as it has reached Lithuania’, told Mindaugas Trapenskis, Regional Sales Director, Asia at Helisota.

Another successful project jointly accomplished with Helisota at the end of May was delivery of the helicopter and its components from Czech Republic to Kenya via Hamburg. The major request of our partner Helisota was to tune the process in a way to ensure that upon receipt of all necessary documentation a process of freight loading, delivery to Hamburg Seaport, reloading to sea terminal and on vessel is commenced immediately. The freight has successfully left the seaport of Hamburg within the established time. More joint projects are scheduled for this year ahead.

‘Over-sized freight forwarding projects, because of their inherent complexity and numerous details to be adjusted, require continuous mutual involvement and teamwork both of the client and the operator. I am delighted with the projects implemented with our partner Helisota and our lasting business relations. Together we succeed in finding the solutions even under the most complicated and unforeseen situations’, told Tomas Brasiūnas, Director Global Network Development at ABIPA Logistics. 


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