ABIPA gets ready to the FIFA World Cup

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ABIPA gets ready to the FIFA World Cup


The FIFA World Cup will be the main event of 2018, however the preparation takes place well before the event itself. In the course of preparation for such a grand project, one of the main issues is the transportation of materials, appliances, expensive equipment and other cargoes, essentially required for holding the championship. Hold-offs and delays are unacceptable. Experience, specific expertise and fast, reliable delivery are required. It is great that ABIPA has already such an invaluable experience: in 2017, our Company organized the delivery of equipment to the stadiums in Sochi and St. Petersburg for the Confederation Cup 2017.

Delivery of this equipment required coordination of cargo escort, customs clearance, all logistics and taking into account all the wishes of our customer, not to mention compliance with all the additional requirements put forward by the event organizers.

The cargo was transported in four closed trucks of Isotherm type (two vehicles per stadium), without additional overloads on the route. Interesting fact that all the drivers was a women, what is very rare.

But customs clearance was a key factor in this chain. It was conducted according to a special procedure developed for foreign products intended for the use in organizing and holding the FIFA World Cup 2018 and the FIFA Confederations Cup 2017[1]. This principle of registration of cargo clearance turned out to be very convenient and quite simple.

“Due to the high cost of the cargo, the ABIPA team has additionally organized the escorting of the cargo through the territory of the Russian Federation by private security company, as well as logistics directly at the stadiums: security, unloading, etc. At the same time, customs clearance took place according to a special simplified system, for example, it was not necessary to provide standard e-declaration or any additional documents”, Stas Kozelev, the World Network Development Manager, comments.

The whole process of transportation and customs clearance was successful, and the ABIPA team received the warmest feedback for the work performed. The best evaluation of our work is the trust of our customers and partners!

Thus, our team has once again proved its efficiency, and we are ready to repeat our success again! 

[1] Decision No.43 as of May 2, 2017. The Board of the Eurasian Economic Commission.

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