ITE Expo: Secret of success is careful planning!

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ITE Expo: Secret of success is careful planning!


ITE Group is the leading international organizers of industry exhibitions and conferences, presented on the market since 1991. TRANSRUSSIA exhibition is one of the annual events held by ITE. In 2018 ABIPA became the honoured participant of the event.

International exhibition TRANSRUSSIA is the largest exhibition of transport and logistics services and technologies in Russia. Anastasia Kirichenko, advertising and marketing manager of ITE speaks about how ITE manages to raise the organization level year after year.


In 2018, the exhibition TransRussia noted the record number of visitors - 16,652. What is so appealing for the companies?

Any positive result, and especially the one that we achieved in 2018, is the result of careful planning. Every year, we improve our services, we cover the most relevant and trending topics. For participants and visitors of TRANRUSSIA, it is a unique opportunity to find a reliable supplier, partner, client.


Tell us more about free entrance, as in 2018 the ITE provided an opportunity for participants to invite guests with special free tickets. How many visitors came to the exhibition with such invitations? And why did ITE decide to implement such an option?

Guests with invitations were the 1/5 of the total number of visitors. For exhibitors and participants, the promotion code for a free entrance is not just a sign of a focus on the customer, but also a necessary tool that allows you to maintain relationships with existing customers and obtain a pool of loyal potential customers.


This year, for the first time, there was presented a platform that helps to plan meetings within the framework of the exhibition. Was it in demand and is a similar tool planned for 2019?

Yes, in 2018 we launched the TransRussia Meetings system in a test mode. Despite this, the system proved to be very popular both among participants and visitors. Within its framework, more than 1,500 meetings were scheduled. And, of course, we plan to use it in 2019 as well.


How can the participating companies maximize the potential of the exhibition and bring the meetings to actual cooperation?

Preparation stage is very important for each participant: it concerns not so much the "visual" part of the exhibition, but working out the goals and understanding why each company participates in the exhibition. For example, the goal is to present a new product / service, find customers and partners, maintain an image or promote a new or existing brand.


For our part, we, as the organizers, provide support to all participants at each stage of preparation. This includes technical support, customer service, and marketing. We provide tools to attract visitors, for example, promotion codes for free entrance, articles posting on the exhibition website, newsletters, etc.


As for the forthcoming exhibition in 2019, will there be any functional specialties?

Every year we offer something new, 2019 will not be an exception. Although for now, it is too early to talk about it, as the next year's program is now at the planning stage. Nevertheless, it is already known that the business program will be enhanced with a conference devoted to e-commerce. Presentation areas will be proposed in the new format. In addition, the update will also touch the quality of the service.

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