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ABIPA has passed another annual audit of freight forwarders under the contracts with its partner TIRUS International SA! This audit is required to confirm the ISO 9100 quality management system that is a globally recognized standard in the aviation industry. 

We were happy to meet representatives of TIRUS International SA from Switzerland in the Russian office of ABIPA and to provide all the necessary information. 

The audit included a wide range of issues, and among other things, experts from ABIPA shared their views about trends and development prospects in the export air freight market.

We always strive for progress, that's why a separate discussion was dedicated to ABIPA’s suggestions on how to optimize its cooperation with TIRUS International SA and improve the quality system at all stages of supply.

Besides, ABIPA provided reports on its operations in general and in particular aspects. For example, we presented detailed information about our partners related to the freights of VSMPO-AVISMA Corporation and their selection principles.

The positive opinion of our partners as a result of the audit indicates that ABIPA is constantly working to improve the quality of its services.

We thank TIRUS International SA for helping us to become better and for so many years of fruitful cooperation! 

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