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Project transportation of oversize cargoes is one of the most interesting types of transportation. The specific features lie in the fact that it is required not only to observe the terms, but also to think over the delivery route, which is directly related to the characteristics of cargo. So in April 2018, our company won a tender for delivery to Russia of vertical lathe produced by the Spanish company BOST weighing 168 tons to replenish the production base of our regular customer. 

We are talking about the corporation "VSMPO-AVISMA" - a Russian metallurgical company, which is the world's largest producer and exporter of titanium (it produces more than 90% of Russian titanium).

ABIPA experts were involved in the implementation of this task. They took into account all features of cargo when choosing a route, mode of transport, type of fastenings, cargo covering and the need to obtain the necessary permits on route. The most optimal multimodal delivery option was chosen as a result of analysis. 8 standard trucks and 3 low roaders required for transportation of oversize cargo; and a route consisting of two parts was worked out to optimize timing and cost of transportation.

The first part was done by standard trucks for 72 cargo units; the route passed through Lithuania. Transshipment was carried out at our transit warehouse, and then the machines were forwarded to the final consignee in Verkhnyaya Salda (Russia). The second part included oversize and heavy-load parts, which were transported by sea from the port of Bilbao to the port of St. Petersburg, and then transferred to 2 low loaders and delivered to Verkhnyaya Salda. esides that a temporary customs control zone was opened at the consignee's plant in order to avoid transport downtime and additional costs. This enabled to perform customs clearance after arrival of all parts of the machine.

"We faced some difficulties in the process of transportation. For example, it was required to prepare the road surface on the territory of the plant to allow passage of special vehicles. The services of the plant in Verkhnyaya Salda carried out special operations to strengthen the roadway up to the installation site. It should be noted that the services of the plant worked very quickly and effectively. All documents for each part of the machine and each vehicle were prepared for the smooth passage though the customs border in accordance with the new provision of the customs legislation, since the equipment crossed the border of the Customs Union in several places and at different times. As a result, there were no delays when crossing the border," says Stanislav Kozelev, Logistic Expert Manager RU, ABIPA LLC.

In General, the implementation of the project was more than successful thanks to the well-arranged multimodal route, the formulated action plan and non-standard solution to issues. Almost immediately after that, our company received an order for transportation of the second machine, which was also successfully delivered and is already operating at the plant, allowing our client to solve its daily tasks.
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