ABIPA - the official customs agent in Russia.

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ABIPA - the official customs agent in Russia.

 ABIPA - the official customs agent in Russia.

The fulfillment of customs formalities is a sufficiently complex procedure which combines a set of operations carried out in a certain order.This procedure requires knowledge of customs legislation and a number of other nuances about the filling out of documents

This is why the services of customs agents are always in demand, relevant and, in many cases, have no alternative

List of main responsibilities of the customs agent:

  •           Declaring of goods, cargoes, services, vehicles, etc.;

  •           Customs clearance of the aforesaid items;

  •           Drafting and submission of necessary documents and data;

  •           Selection of optimal options that speed up the customs clearance process;

  •           Performance of payments;

  •           Preparation of customs reports for control authorities; 

  • ·              Performance of other operations and procedures required for customs clearance.

The customs agent must maintain the confidentiality of any information provided to it during the performance of its duties and also assume legal responsibility towards its customer and the customs authorities.

ABIPA’s professionalism and accumulated experience allow us to offer you the best solutions

With our help you will minimize your costs and save time. We will be very happy if you will choose us, you will find a reliable and worthy business partner

On the website of the Russian Federal Customs Service (ФТС) - the register of customs agents: http://customs.gov.ru/folder/206709



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