We announce the beginning of the promotional event “SUMMER with ABIPA”!

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Summer is a time of holidays, brave journeys and fun walks. This is the time when plans and dreams come true.
With ABIPA the summer will become even more pleasant, filled with socializing and positive emotions, when you get a special gift - iPhone X!
The terms and conditions of the promotional event are very simple:
1.    The event starts on July 1, 2018 and will last 10 weeks until September 10, 2018 (inclusive).
2.    To participate in the event, it is necessary to register on the website www.abipa.net. Period of registration is unlimited.
3.    The participant, making the largest number of shipments for the entire period of the promotional event using the following types of service: road shipment by separate vehicles, sea and railway shipment by full containers (or a combination of these types of service) becomes the winner.
4.    The winner receives IPHONE X.
5.    More details about the terms and conditions of the promotional event can be found on the website in the Actions special section, as well as by contacting the Personal Manager, or e-mailing to sales.supportru@abipa.net.
Spend the summer with ABIPA, get a boost of energy and great mood!
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